Alcohol and Cigarettes:The smart way forward for Cyril.

18 June 2024, Tuesday










President Cyril Ramaphosa is caught between and rock and a hard place in his decision to continue the ban on alcohol and cigarettes.

Instead of listening to all the counter arguments –  wasting time in court battles – and taking on more IMF debt,  our President should be looking for a win – win by asking the right question.

What is the smart thing to be doing right now?

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize is under severe pressure with hospital beds.

Well, build more field beds – and do it fast by providing more urgent funding – and more urgent labour.

Do this by unbanning booze & cigs, BUT at the same time imposing an additional temporary SPECIAL COVID TAX on both – to raise the extra funding needed.

Take this money to invest in more infrastructure – more field beds – and more jobs.

Remember how the 2010 Soccer World Cup infrastructural invesment pulled us through the 2008 financial crisis.

Our country must be losing billions in tax revenues from those who choose to smoke and/or drink.

Let them help fund our health efforts.

A temporary triple tax – VAT, SIN & COVID – will go a long way to stamping out most of the abuse of alcohol – and the government will immediately acquire the much needed funds for Minister Mkhize’s health efforts.

In addition, the burgeoning problem of a criminal ‘black market’ will also be dealt a severe blow.

And importantly for all of us Mr President, you will be able to further build the respect which  you  deserve –  not lose –  as we are beginning to see in the waning eyes of many desperate South Africans, who just want their jobs back– and to be able to feed their families.

 It’s a WIN –WIN scenario.

It’s the smart thing to do Mr President.

Right now our country needs more consistency, more certainty, more compromise, more confidence, more unity, more hope – not more rule

A nation turns its hoping eyes to you.

Thank you Cyril.


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