A few home truths for President Ramaphosa – and others appointed into SA leadership positions.

28 May 2024, Tuesday




“The ladder to success is never crowded at the top.” Napoleon Hill




When President Ramaphosa took on the job, he knew it was going to be a rough ride – and often a lonely one.

As did Pravin Gordhan, André de Ruyter, Noel Doyle, Jacques Faul, Graeme Smith and many others recently appointed into leadership positions in South Africa.

Challenge comes fast and furious at the helm.

With the budget done and dusted this week, here are few home truths (call them game – changers) to help our leaders to make the right calls – and steer our country away from being average.

Mr. President. Average is NOT where we want to be.

GAME CHANGER ONE:  Mindset matters Most.

One thing which we do have in common with Americans – is that we also want to make our country GREAT again.

But, GREAT only happens when one adopts the right mindset.

Unfortunately, many South Africans over the past decade, have allowed themselves to fall into the human trap called ‘victimhood’ (read entitlement).

Once this happens there can be little chance of greatness.

Victimhood breeds average, not greatness. With victimhood one’s best made plans are automatically rendered meaningless.

Victimhood is a highly effective form of self sabotage.

Our No. 1 responsibility is to avoid victimhood at all cost. And flick the switch from victim to victor.

It’s a powerful choice which transfers one back onto the path from Good to Great to Greater.

Rassie Erasmus has shown us that no South Africans need to accept average anymore.

GAME CHANGER TWO: Stepping inside Great.

If you are going somewhere, you either have to know what that place looks like – or have the right co – ordinates.

Here are the right co-ordinates for the place called GREAT.

GREAT has three powerful S’s – each of equal importance.


Greatness is not a one day game.

Once you have tasted SUCCESS, you have to back it up with SIGNIFICANCE – and SUSTAIN it – in order to be GREAT.

 GAME CHANGER THREE: Branding is Everything.

Think of branding as an ice- berg. It has two powerful components.

As South Africans, we have become near obsessed with the small, less important part which lies above the ocean – called out ‘outer image’.

Many South Africans have fallen into a debt trap by trying to maintain this ‘outer image’ – with the best schools – with the best cars – with the best clothes – the best everything………

However, the more important component of branding is the big chuck which lies below the ocean called our – ‘inner identity’.

If great is where one wants to be in life, one has to have a crystal clear vision on the three all important branding questíons.

What’s my PURPOSE? What are my big five PRIORITIES in 2020? What are my big five PERFORMANCE GOALS for 2020?

It’s only when ONE knows one’s own true value – that one imparts great value on this world.

 GAME CHANGER FOUR:  Conquer. Don’t Fight.

People who stand up and fight are generally those who are coming from a position of weakness.

Seek to conquer, never fight. It leads to a vast difference in the end result.

Just ask the great Everest explorers?

Conquering means doing your homework – and going in with :

The right MINDSET * The right KNOWLEDGE * The right SUPPORT  * The right GAME PLAN.

These four make a potent cocktail for delivering human greatness.

DIN & DIP, Do It Right & Do It Now : Greg Norman

 GAME CHANGER FIVE:  The Power in the Peloton.

Scientists have proven that if a TEAM rides in the peloton (from cycling) – in a unified formation – it can save a whopping 40 % in its energy levels.

It’s a no brainer then that if we want our country to be great again – that our politicians, our business and trade leaders, and our sporting leaders must ride together again – in union.

Right now we are wasting our finite energy levels.

It’s not just an Eskom challenge that we are facing.

It’s a culture challenge – a mindset challenge facing us.

GAME CHANGER SIX:  No Health. No Wealth.

When the going gets tough, it’s important to stay in the game.

This demands living a life of balance.

Most people see balance as being the balance between one’s professional and personal life.

It’s far more than just that.

To stay in the game you have to maintain balance in all three universal realms of life and health, namely

The PHYSICAL realm (what you put into your body)* The CHEMICAL realm (what you put into your mouth)* The EMOTIONAL realm (what you put into your head).

Avoid toxins, especially the highly toxic ‘ BIG FIVE’ emotional ones which can wreck havoc in your life : Hate, Resentment, Guilt,Criticism and Futility.

Invest in all three realms if you are to stay healthy – and avoid burn-out.

 GAME CHANGER SEVEN: Live the Journey.

Results are an important part of life’s journey, but not the key to achieving greatness.

Great requires that you avoid the human trap of ”chasing the game”.

Those who chase the game – day in and day out – usually end up exhausting themselves.

The result is often burn out in business, sport or life.

The stress becomes too much.

A wise leader picks his/her ”inner team” with ultimate care to avoid burn out.

A wise leader clearly articulates purpose, priorities and performance goals to ensure focus.

A wise leader focuses on the processes – taking in all the highs and lows.

Live the journey they say.

Sport, with its transparency in winning and losing, teaches us a great deal about living the journey.

Fortunately, Rassie and the Springboks have recently shown us how to be World Champions again.#GREAT.

Lest we forget the lessons which our SPRINGBOKKE have openly shared.

Average is NOT where we want to be.


Go Great


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