2016. And here’s to Happiness and Health

28 May 2024, Tuesday

I recently read that one of Oscar Pistorius’s Christmas wishes this year was to get a dog.


There’s no doubting a special relationship and bond exists between man and ‘man’s best friend’.

And that’s mostly  because they’re the best practitioners of the two most powerful positive emotions known to man, namely

Unconditional Love and Gratitude

They also know all about Acceptance, Forgiveness and Joy.

Put these ‘Big Five’ positive emotions together and one has a potent cocktail for happiness and health  in 2016.

December is a month which presents us with a smorgasbord of choice in sunny South Africa. It’s a time when gratitude comes to the fore if we just take a look at how full our shopping malls are – with  everyone buying presents for their loved ones.

Unfortunately, this festive spirit is often short lived and the human element bounces when we return to the ‘hustle and bustle’  in early January.

And many of us simply  fail to garner how important it is to keep our lives crammed full of –  and focused on positive emotions.

Many people get it wrong when they unwittingly or habitually choose to cram their lives full of negative emotions.

And hereby they  effectively push the self- destruct button on happiness and health.

So, here are the ‘Big Five ‘ negative emotions which one should steer well clear of in 2016

 Resentment , Guilt , Criticism , Hate and Self –pity.

If only more people knew how ‘holding on long term’ –   or allowing any one of these five negative emotions to play any role in one’s life – can destruct life itself.

Sometimes we can learn from the most unlikely of sources . Our dogs become our  greatest teachers – and our greatest healers.

The universal law of attraction tells us that

the more grateful we are, the more we get to be grateful for

That’s how it works.

Develop an attitude of gratitude. Peg your attitude in all areas of your life at a level that inspires performance, growth and contribution .

By doing so, you’ll go on to achieve happiness and health  , and take the people around you there too.

Gratitude grows Greatness

Here’s to a great 2016.


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