Boks spring surprise branding move. Did it work for them?

18 June 2024, Tuesday


Die Bokke, pulled off a convincing 18-3 victory over Scotland in their World Cup opener this past weekend, and a surprise move to play in turquoise jerseys.

Question is if it worked for them and what impact does it have on the brand?

Undoubtedly supporter feedback was “GO BACK TO GREEN & GOLD”.


In sports marketing  – Colour  Identity – plays a massive role in driving home success.’


The basic rule in sports marketing is that colour alternatives can be used for a limited amount of ‘Cause Marketing’, as we have seen for example with the Proteas in “Pink for Cancer”.

Here it works, but when the brand uses alternative colour primarily for financial gain, as the Boks did with 60/60, it needs to be questioned in terms of brand value.

Risk of brand damage and risk of supporters having a feeling  of being less united is not worth the price it pays to sell your IDENTITY.

For the Boks to win their World Cup # 4 they will have to return the GREEN & GOLD from here on in ………


Supporters will only give so much to ‘kitting themselves out ‘and they want to feel united with their team in colour for every game.

It is called BRAND IDENTITY – and it plays a vital role in determining success in sports branding.

GO Bokke. Go Great.



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