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Welcome to THE GAME PLAN – where we help TEAMS – and the individual players within them – to unlock their greatest potential.

“Awesome and inspirational words in a down to earth and well delivered presentation at our company team building event from Rob Opie!”

Dean Finder. Evolution SA SERVICES  


“Rob’s talk was authentic, engaging, and resonated well with the team; it was the perfect combination of motivation and education. His background in FMCG helped keep things relevant and added extra value.” 

Jorrie Jordaan. Pride  Milling


At THE GAME PLAN our game changing services include:

PERFORMANCE COACHING FOR TEAMS – if YOU want to take YOUR TEAM to that next level of performance.

PERFORMANCE COACHING FOR INDIVIDUALS – if you want to take YOUR own Game Plan to the next level.

We believe that within every one of us lies our own human greatness.

It is our passion and purpose to help unlock that human greatness within individuals – and within their greater teams.

Our priority is to take YOU on a journey from GOOD TO GREAT TO GREATER.


Hi, I’m Rob Opie – Brand Strategist, Author, Keynote Speaker, Editorial Contributor, Performance Coach to business and sports teams – and coach to those on a journey to self-actualisation.


I have made it my life’s purpose to help people by sharing the insights, the innovation and the inspiration – which I have garnered from over two decades of researching and studying the great champions of life.

Indeed, human greatness leaves footprints.

Covid times certainly tested and changed us all, but the fundamental principles of life & health have never changed.

Human beings need human interaction to deliver on:

Performance, Growth & Contribution 

Our game changing way to help you and your team is via: 


Conducted in a relaxed and interactive environment – this is where I share two decades of researching the great champions in life – in an inspired talk called:


It’s a talk crammed full of Insight, Innovation and Inspiration.

We all need a coach.  Coaches see what we can’t. Great coaches help us push right up to and thru our own limitations. We are ALWAYS capable of more than we think when we really push ourselves: American Coach Corey Wayne

I invite you to POWER UP YOUR TEAM ………



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Rob Opie

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